Plastic Surgery

Collagen injections play a vital role in plastic surgeries

Collagen injection is widely used in cosmetic and plastic surgery for patients who have got the fire injuries and for the reconstruction of bone. It is also widely used in dentistry, orthopedics and other surgeries.One of the drawbacks is that some patients experience prolonged redness.

Doctors can carry out a patch test before surgery to find out how allergic the patient might be. Most collagen comes from young beef cattle they are free of BSE. Collagen may also be derived from pig tissue. These treatments are dermal fillers used in cosmetic medicine to reduce wrinkles, lines and scars, as well as to augment soft tissue contours.

Collagen treatments are not permanent and they are degraded by the body. Our surgeons use this injection effectively in plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is an important element of plastic surgery. The plastic physician uses cosmetic surgical principles which improves the overall appearance and to optimize the outcome of reconstructive procedures. Effective knowledge and skill in the design and surgery of grafts, flaps, and free tissue transfer is necessary.

Competency in the management of complex wounds, the use of implantable materials, and in tumor surgery is required. Plastic surgeons have been eminent in the development of innovative techniques such as micro vascular and craniomaxillofacial surgery, liposuction, and tissue transfer. Re modification is made in the plastic surgery so that the damaged skin in any part will be replaced to obtain the original appearance. You can get relief for your defective problems in your body by our experts

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